Charm Starter Pack (Bracelet + Charm)

Charm Starter Pack (Bracelet + Charm)

1. Choose the colour of your bracelet :
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Size guide

Leather bracelet size guide

  • We recommend that the leather bracelets are worn with a maximum of 7-9 charms regardless of the bracelet length.
  • Due to the natural properties of leather, it can expand or contract according to the climate, moisture, heat and/or how it is stored.
  • You can also measure a bracelet you already have. You should measure end to end for the correct size. Please bear in mind that if you have had your bracelet for a while (1 year+) it can have increased in length by up to 1 cm (0.4").
Bracelet type Tight wrist measurement Recommended size
Double Leather Bracelets Woven Up to 16 cm :: 6" 35 cm :: 13.8"
3. Choose your charm :
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The perfect way to start your charm bracelet collection! A beautiful double leather charm bracelet in black or Star Stable pink, complete with one Star Stable logo charm plus any additional charm of your choice.

The Star Stable range of charms are made from silver with a strong rhodium plating for additional durability and wear, with each charm weighing between 2.7 and 4.9g (0.1 and 0.18oz), depending on design.

Each beautiful double leather charm bracelet is made from high quality leather, measuring 35 cm (13.8 in), making for a comfortable once-around wrap, fastened together by a smart and discreet sterling silver barrel clasp.

Read more about our range of enchanting bracelet charms:

  • Star Rider: Star Riders gallop freely across the vast plains of Jorvik, aiding those in need whilst spreading justice and wisdom.
  • Riding Boot:The riding boot underlines a rider's desire to provide the best conditions possible for their beloved four-legged companions.
  • Harp of Aideen: The Harp is one of the most powerful and magical objects in Jorvik. It heals all that is broken, its music performing miracles by bringing life, warmth and hope wherever there is darkness.
  • Horse head: A Star Rider wearing the horse head charm has a heartfelt affection for and dedication to all of Jorvik's beautiful horses.
  • Medal: It's quite a feat to win in one of Jorvik's many horse racing championships, so wearing the medal shows a rider's true commitment, true talent and unstoppable competitive spirit.

Caring for your bracelet:

  • Leather: a beautiful, natural product, leather can expand and contract according to climate, moisture, heat, and/or how it is stored. With proper care, your leather bracelet can stay with you for a long time.
  • Maximum Charms: to ensure your charms and bracelet continue bringing you their stylish elegance for the longest possible time, Star Stable advises you to only exhibit a maximum of between seven and nine charms on your bracelet.